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*Indicative tax rate 23%.
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**Indicative average rate of return 3%.

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According to the Article 21 of Incorporation, the Lump-Sum Payment Branch applies a prepaid funded system.

Based on Article 25 of Incorporation, every insured person of the Fund shall be entitled to receive the pension benefit if he or she meets any of the following conditions:

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Ιn the event of death, the benefit is reimbursed to the beneficiaries as defined by the insured.

Amount of Lump-Sum Payment 

If they meet the above requirements and upon application (download the form here), members may receive a lump sum equal to the capital accumulated in their individual account by the regular and contingent contributions made by themselves and the employer company, as well as the accumulated returns of their funds up to the date of filing the application for receipt of the benefit.

Alternatively, they can continue their stay at O.P.F. (Members under the Statute) and withdraw - collect the lump sum whenever they wish.

In cases where the withdrawal of the insured occurs before the completion of one of the vesting conditions, as described above, due to:

  • Withdrawal of the insured from O.P.F. in accordance with the terms and conditions of Article 7 par. 10 of law 3029/2002 as in force (withdrawal from the Fund as per Article 6 par.1a)

  • Or in the case of Voluntary Retirement of the insured member (namely quit) from their employment by a company in the group and consequently their withdrawal from the Fund as per Article 25 par. 1.1-1.6, they are entitled a lump sum payment equal to 100% of their regular and contingent contributions and their earnings, as well as a percentage of employers' regular and special contributions based on the following scale:

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In partial recovery, the difference not deducted from 100% of the lump sum, on the scale (i.e. in year 1 from 77% to 100%), is deducted from the Fund and is for the benefit of the insured

In cases where the expropriation or withdrawal of the insured before the fulfillment of one of the conditions for entitlement under Article 25, by a decision of the Fund due to the following reasons (Article 6, par.1, subparagraph e, clause ii to vi):

  • instigation of insurance risk in a fraudulent manner,

  • violation of the duty of confidentiality with respect to confidential information concerning the Fund or the Employers Companies, endangering their status, reputation or orderly functioning,

  • instigation of theft, embezzlement or bribery at the expense of the Fund,

  • misleading the Fund to assume the conditions for entitlement to benefits under the Article of Incorporation and the Internal Rules of Operation of the Fund,

  • owing insurance contributions for more than a year, and though they have been notified in writing by the Fund regarding the matter at hand, they have not requested an extension of the repayment or partial payment of the debt,

they are entitled to a lump sum payment equal to 100% of his / her regular and contingent contributions and returns but 0% of the regular and contingent employer contributions.

The impairment of individual accounts (and redistribution of amounts in accordance with the preceding paragraph) occurs on the date of loss of insured status (date of the Board of Directors decision).

It should be noted that the amounts of the employer's contributions (ordinary and contingent) that are not reimbursed as part of the benefit, due to the application of the impairment scale for the above cases, are redistributed to all active insured persons according to the methodology described in the Internal Rules of Operation of the Fund.

Impairment excludes those who, in the event of loss of insured status, fulfill any of the conditions of Article 25 granting them a lump-sum benefit or request the transfer to another O.P.F. or have been deleted for any other reason than those mentioned above. They will, therefore, receive as a cumulative benefit their entire individual account (regular and contingent contributions of the insured and the employer).