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*Indicative tax rate 23%.
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According to the Article 6 of Incorporation, the insured member’s capacity is lost in the following cases:

  • The insured request their removal from the O.P.F., in accordance with the terms and conditions of Article 7 par. 10 of law 3029/2002 as in force.

  • Upon one year after the termination of the service contract of the insured to a company of the Group (one year after the last signing on) without being renewed. In this case, the status of the insured person may be retained for one more year at the written request of the insured and justified by the Fund's Board of Directors.

  • The insured person transfers his or her rights to another Occupational Insurance Fund. In this case, he must have informed about his withdrawal from the Fund in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 10 of article 7 of Law 3029/2002, as amended and in force.

  • The insured person resigns or is dismissed or retires or ceases being a Managing Director or a member of the Board of Directors or providing services in any way to the employer company or other company of the Group in accordance with the provisions of Article 4 par. 1 of Incorporation.

  • The insured person is expelled or deleted, if there is a significant reason, following a decision of the Board of Directors of the Fund, and under the following cases:
Fails to comply with a necessary requirement for acquiring or maintaining membership under the Law or Articles of Incorporation and the relevant regulations issued pursuant to it. 
Incidentally causes insurance risk.
Infringes the duty of confidentiality with respect to confidential information concerning the Fund or the Employers' Companies, endangering their status, reputation or orderly functioning.
Theft, embezzlement or bribery at the expense of the Fund.
Misleads the Fund with respect to the conditions for entitlement to benefits under the Article of Incorporation and the Internal Rules of Operation of the Fund.
Being liable for insurance contributions for a period longer than one year, although he has been notified in written by the Fund for that purpose and has not requested an extension of the repayment or partial payment of the debt.
Upon payment of the Lump sum benefit. In this case, membership is also lost.
In case of death.

For the withdrawal of the insured, a decision of the Board of Directors of the Fund is issued, which establishes the loss of status and defines the date on which the release occurred.

In case of retirement from a Main Insurance Institution, the right to remain in the Fund's insurance (optional continued insurance) is granted upon a written request of the interested party, which should first be approved by the Board of Directors.

Following the receipt of approval from the Board for the optional continued insurance of the Fund, the insured undertakes to pay the contributions, regular or special, without the provision of corresponding regular or special employer contributions.